Seamlessly navigate the COVID-19 Crisis with our free services.

We are a student-run pro bono consulting organization composed of 21 undergraduate students from Georgetown and the Ivies to UT Austin and the UCs, with interdisciplinary backgrounds and a passion for making a positive impact in our local communities. 

We exclusively partner with small businesses and startups who are struggling due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Crisis Consulting

Market Research

Marketing and Branding

Competitive Analysis

Product Development

Strategy and Operations

Why Partner With Us

Pro Bono

Many consulting firms have hefty fees, but Novaris is a no cost option. Being pro-bono is at the heart of what we do. We are driven by a passion for giving back to our communities.


The members of Novaris were selected through a competitive application process that looked for passionate, hard-working, and different backgrounds. Our team comes from around the world and studies over 17 different majors.


Our team has experience with 50+ companies as consultants, interns, and employees, which makes us problem solvers at heart. From competitive piano players and swimmers to nationally ranked debaters and campus tour guides, our team is driven.

“I see the business failures, high unemployment, 100,000 + people we lost . . . and I know this won’t be the end of it. We must hold strong and continue through the storm. And like a phoenix, we will rise from the ashes again.”

Liana Wang
Founder and CEO