What Is Our Consulting?

Consulting refers to a team of highly experienced individuals who work together with a client to prosper and solve problems. Whether it be a small business or startup, our team researches your industry and field in depth before offering potential solutions. Our team in particular focuses on these types of businesses whom were affected by the global pandemic of 2020.

Along with our individualized client-side consulting services, we also offer publicized reports. These reports highlight our research in business development and policy, particularly in regards to COVID-19. Our reports are available here.

We provide a wide array of free services, and are flexible to meet your needs.

Market Research

Determining knowledge base about the company through trend analysis, benchmarking, and data analysis.

Strategy & Operations

Executing business strategy through brand strategy, pricing strategy, and product launches.

Marketing & Branding

Implementing new strategies related to marketing and branding through logo redesigns, social media management, and analytics.

Crisis Consulting

Addressing business needs after COVID-19 effects through robust strategies that will help return business to normal.

Competitive Analysis

Evaluating the market landscape through industry research, market segmentation, and strategy analysis.

Product Development

Managing the product lifecycle through A/B testing, optimization, and prototyping.

Our Consulting Timeline

  • Initial Contact

    Our initial contact with you is likely an introductory meeting in a small group via our external relations. We learn more about your goals and expectations, and we may welcome you onboard.

  • Team Meeting

    We host an additional meeting with you after introducing your business to our internal team. In this meeting, we go into depth about your goals and expectations. Following this meeting, we begin to brainstorm how to best help you.

  • Researching

    In this phase, our team dives deep into your business’ field and industry to gain a greater understanding of your market and competition. We also perform case studies and analyze how businesses like yours became successful.

  • Consulting

    During our consulting phase, we analyze the industry and your business in terms of your goals. We look for solutions and strategies that are tailored towards your expectations, all while maintaining contact with you.

  • Reviews

    While we perform internal reviews regularly, we also hold external and extensive reviews with our professional network towards the end of our consulting phase. Here, we team up with professionals from big consulting firms like McKinsey & Co and Deloitte in order to tailor our suggestions for you.

  • Deliverable

    In our final official meeting with you regarding this consulting service, we present to you our research and finalized suggestions.

  • Network

    Despite our consulting work finishing at the Deliverable phase, we invite you into our network to maintain a further relationship. We may check up on your business in future months to see your progress, and offer short-term solutions and explanations if problems arise.