Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee associated?

No, there is no fee or donation associated with any of our services it is completely pro-bono. We were motivated to start Novaris because of what small businesses and start-ups in our community mean to us, as well as the professional development opportunity.

How can we ensure our confidential company information is protected?

Any information will remain internal to Novaris, and everyone will sign non-disclosure agreements.

Who will be working on the project?

There will be a Project Manager, as well about 4 Associate Consultants working on each project. There is also a Director of Project Management who the Project Manager reports to, and a Director of Consulting the Consultants report to.

Will we get updates before the final deliverable?

Yes, PMs will update you weekly, and if you would like a midterm deliverable from the consultants that can also be organized.

What if we have questions after the project is completed?

We want to build long term relationships with clients, so we are happy to answer follow-up questions after the final deliverable.

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